Basic Logging and Basic Interpretation Logging

gamma_ray_log_plot,_simple_and_spectralBasic Logging and Basic Interpretation Logging
Yogyakarta, 25 sd 28 Februari 2014


This 4-day course focuses mainly on open hole data acquisition and interpretation. The course covers all the basics of log data acquisition and interpretation. New high technology tools will also be reviewed and the applications of those tools described. This includes Nuclear Magnetic resonance, Logging while drilling, Wireline formation testing and borehole imaging. There will be a daily workshop covering the topics that are covered during that day using real log data. This will help to consolidate the participants’ understanding of the topics presented.

Our goal is for participants to learn basic log analysis, borehole data acquisition methods, and the skills to solve problems associated with identifying and exploiting reserves.

Experience gained will allow participants to identify lithological zones and fluid types from log data.
Quality control of log data and of the resulting petrophysical interpretations is emphasized through examples and exercises.


Day 1
Entry Test: Multiple question entry test to gauge the participants’ knowledge. (Optional)
• Reservoir Rock- Brief outline
• Basic Logging Overview
• Life of a Well
• The Spontaneous Potential (SP)
• Natural Gamma Rays
• Basics of Resistivity

Interpretation Workshop (1): SP and GR applications to obtain water salinities, shale volumes and clay type.
Day 2
• Acoustic Measurements
• Neutron Porosity Measurement
• Density Measurements
• Deep Reading Resistivity (Rt)

Interpretation Workshop (2): Estimating porosity and lithology

Day 3
• Shallow Reading Resistivity (Rxo).
• Computing the value of Vsh
• Quick Look Interpretations for reservoir characterization.

Interpretation Workshop (3): Estimating water saturations
Day 4
• Computing Sw in the presence of Shale
• The carbonates challenge
• Wireline formation Testing (WFT)
Interpretation Workshop (4): Pressure Gradient Interpretations


• Geologists
• Geophysicists
• Reservoir engineers interested in well log interpretation

Eko Widi Pramudiohadi, ST, MT

Graduated with a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering IT Bin 1999. Now he is a Lecturer and researcher at UPN Veteran Yogyakarta. From the years 2007-2011 as a member of a team of consultants in the oil company Pertamina and in private to the field of Coal Bed Methane. Several times to conduct research in the field : The selection of the gas lift valve, the flow rate for the Maintenance of various types of reservoir, evaluation of production systems in terms of energy, flow and separation, Optimization of duct pipes for the geothermal fluid reservoir water dominance, Dieng Geothermal Field Simulation Block Sileri, Simulation Geothermal field NamoraI Heaven (NIL) and Silangkitang (SIL), Kerinci Mountains, Bedugul Geothermal field Simulation, BEL. Bali.


Tanggal : 25 sd 28 Februari 2014
14 – 16 May 2014
12 – 13 Aug 2014
11 – 13 Nov 2014

 Presentation
 Discuss
 Case Study
 Evaluation
 Pre-Test & Post-Test
 Games


Rp. 8.500.000/ participant (non residential)
Note : 10% DISCOUNT for 3 participants from the same company

Facilities :
• Convinience Meeting room at Jambu Luwuk Hotel, Yogyakarta
• Airport pick-up and drop service
• Transportation during training
• 2x coffee break and lunch during training
• Training kit
• Hard and soft copy material (USB Flashdisk)
• Certificate
• Souvenir
Pembayaran dapat dilakukan melalui transfer dinomor rekening:
PT. Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk Yogyakarta

Setelah melakukan registrasi harap diperhatikan :
• Kami menghimbau kepada calon peserta training untuk tidak Reservasi Hotel atau Tiket Perjalanan sebelum kepastian training kami informasikan (untuk mengantisipasi reschedule atau cancelation training).
• Kepastian Running training dan yang terkait dengan waktu dan tempat penyelenggaraan akan kami informasikan minimal 1 minggu sebelum agenda training. Jika disaat kepastian training telah kami informasikan dan calon peserta tidak dapat mengikuti, kami mohon untuk dikirimkan letter of cancelation (surat pembatalan) resmi dari perusahaan.
• Kami selaku penyelenggara tidak menanggung segala bentuk klaim ganti rugi dari calon peserta training (contoh : Reservasi Hotel dan Tiket Pesawat) diluar yang terkait dengan fasilitas training yang kami berikan.


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